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Update Time !!!

Good morning Ladies & Gents and sorry for the lack of updates recently we have been getting some big changes underway. This has ment we have been struggling to keep you as updated as we wish we could, so we have really sucked recently :-).

While we talk about sucking has anyone noticed we have started vacuum packing our filament ? This change is in preparation for PETG. As a rule our filament is between a couple days to 6 weeks old and vacuum packing was an additional cost that was not really necessary. With the move to PETG vacuum packing everything now just make sense . It's definitely required for PETG and some other exciting plans next year so streamlining everything to a Vacuum packing solution makes a lot of sense. This change over has been done very quickly, however you may find some filament in the old style bags . We did think of changing them to the new vacuum packs but this did seem wasteful to discard the old bags and repackaged them.

Also a new change which should start this week is new boxes ! Finally we have organized a custom box that is 4 times the strength of the old box and hold the spool tighter. Thankfully these new boxes should be with us for the middle of the week, with filament starting to leave in them by late This / start of next week :-).

Along with the above changes October is going to be a very exciting month as our new drying, mixing, conveying and recycling equipment is due to arrive! Honestly this is a super exciting moment for us all here at 3DQF not only am I like a child in a sweet shop but this will allow us to produce an even higher quality PLA , but also move to new materials. It really does need a post all by itself and if there is enough interest I can even do a video :-) ( that sounds scary lol) . A talk about us and also about the new equipment :-).

Let me know what you think in the comments and if this is something you would like to see :-).

Thank you all for your amazing Support and emails that come in . Every single one will get read out to the team and it really does bring a massive smile to our faces . Again I thank you all once against for your tremendous support.

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Robert Eckersley
Robert Eckersley

Thank you Garrett :-).


garrett mccloskey

Great to see a UK-based business in the market. Keep up the good work!

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