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Retail Outlets

Looking for Filament in your area? Check out our growing retailer's map. Carefully chosen high street stores currently retailing our UK made 3DQF filament. With a great selection of colours available at each location, we are making buying 3DQF filament even easier.   

Each of our retail outlets is picked to not only offer our 3D printing filament but also as they offer more in terms of 3D supplies, modelling acc, and in some instances 3D printing advice and printing Services. Next time you're in need of filament,  give one of our retailers a call and see if they can help get you sorted.  

If your local area is not supported yet please keep checking back as the retailer network is growing all the time. 

Interested in becoming an Authorised Retailer? We are looking to expand our retail network during 2022 so there's has never been a better time to get on board. 

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