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3DQF Library 
Highspeed Printing Profiles

Welcome to the detailed Highspeed Set-up Profile!

Thank you for choosing 3DQF Filament for your 3D printing needs. The following instructions are specifically tailored for users of Bambu Studio. We will guide you through the process of adding a new PLA filament profile with our optimized temperature settings. By following these steps we can get you up and printing as quickly as possible with our fabulous funny-coloured plastic spaghetti!  

Firstly why do you need to do this ? 

Due to the printing speed of this new generation of 3D printers, we need to make adjustments to the material profile to allow for the smooth flow of material through the hot end. Failure to make the following adjustments will lead to under-extrusion and ultimately failed prints.

The high speed at which this new generation of printers operates creates new challenges that printing materials have not faced in the past. To help compensate for the increased speed, it is customary to increase the melting temperature to allow for the increased flow. Although these higher temperatures are well out of the range for PLA in a traditional printer with sub-100 mm/s print speeds, latest generation printers are now pushing upwards of 400 mm/s! Thus, the higher printing temperatures are a mandatory adjustment to keep the material flowing.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Open Bambu Studio

Launch the Bambu Studio application on your computer.












Navigate to the Filament Settings

In the main interface, look for the "Filament" tab or icon. This is usually found in the top menu or the sidebar.

Generic PLA Profile

Click on the "Generic PLA" button in the dropdown menu. 


















Open Profile Customization 

Click on the small box just to the right of the selected profile 











Enter Basic Filament Information

A new window or dialog box should appear where you can enter the details of the new filament.

  • Name: Enter "3DQF PLA" as the filament name.


Adjust Nozzle Temperature Settings

  • Min 220°C

  • Max 250°C

Print temperature adjustments 

  • First Layer Nozzle Temperature: Set this to 220°C.

  • Other Layers Nozzle Temperature: Set this to 250°C.













Save the Filament Profile

After entering all the necessary information and adjusting the settings, look for the "Save" button Top Right ( Red Box) . Click this to save the new filament profile.

Ensure the profile name "3DQF PLA" is correctly displayed in your list of filaments.












  • Double-check the temperature settings before saving to avoid errors during printing.

  • Test Print with the new 3DQF Filament profile to ensure everything is set up correctly.

  • If issues arise, you can always go back and edit the filament profile by selecting it from the list and adjusting the necessary parameters.

  • This guide should help you successfully add a new 3DQF PLA filament profile with the specified temperature settings to Bambu Studio. If you encounter any issues or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

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