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Time For Something NEW!

Happy Tuesdays Fellow Printers! This week has come and gone, and I am super excited to show you our next update. We wanted to do this a number of months ago but just missed out on getting the artwork finished and printing plates made before starting on our new boxes.

So maybe not the most exciting update....?

For us it just makes it all feel very real, seeing a product that you have poured so much time and energy into turn into an actual thing is very exciting, this is I guess the cream on the top. I have said it before and will continue to say it again, It's all because of you! The support you have given has been amazing, it brings us immense pleasure to share our journey as we change and improve and give you all a better product.

Once again I thank you all for your support and most importantly the time you have given us to actually deliver which is so important.

Importantly too, the box, the printing even the manufacturing of the printing plates have all been done in Manchester!

As a side note, we are getting better with the winding too!

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