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Time for an Amazing offer !!!

So, what is Re-worked filament? During production, we end up with some unusable filament. We gather this waste, chop it up, and turn it back into pellets. This post-industrial waste is of the same resin grade, just extruded once and then recovered. We then harden the pellets to handle higher drying temperatures necessary for extrusion. After drying, the material is fed into our extruder, skipping the colouring process, to be turned into filament again.

This process significantly reduces waste and is standard in most industries. Our Re-worked filament is special because it is 100% recovered material, thanks to our advanced machinery that eliminates the need for extra virgin material.

As a limited-time offer, we are giving away a full 1KG spool with every order of 3 or more rolls of filament! Buy 3 rolls to qualify, add the Re-worked listing to your basket, and we'll include a free 1KG of UK-made Re-worked Filament in your order. Order 6 rolls and get two free, order 9 and get three free, and so on!

What's not to like? An extra roll of filament, free of charge!

Don't forget: order 3 rolls of our filament (ABS,PETG, PLA, or PLA-Plus), then add a roll of Re-worked filament. Simple!

Re-worked PLA 1.75mm UK-made 3D Filament

Factory Shop

Make sure to add at least one Re-worked roll to your cart, and we’ll do the rest!

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