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Time for some new toys !!!

Good afternoon fellow printers, hope you are all making the most of this incredible weather we are getting at the moment!

So firstly a quick sexy machine update!

Our new Custom PETG filament production line has completed production trials! As I type she is being boxed up and made ready for shipping!

We have several jobs that need to be done in preparation for the new production line. Firstly dismantling the 'OG' production line ( this will be a sad day), new power feeds, floor painting, Re routing of Compressed air system, and new ventilation system. Then disassembly of the current production line and changing its placement within the factory. It's going to be a busy time however we should have this all sorted for mid to late August. Needless to say, we will keep you all updated with pictures and the threat of a video at some point!

I also have a post with some really cool printers and general 3D printing-related content from our trip to TCT to follow.

I would just like to say thank you to each and every one of you, this has only been possible with the amazing support that you have afforded us. You drive us to be better, you allowed us time to improve, and you offered words of encouragement at some really difficult times. Thank you for all the support both past, present and future. We will continue to push and make an ever-better product for all of the printing community .

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