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Stock Release

Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen time for a quick update about tonight's release and last Wednesday release.

Firstly Last Wednesday

20% of order are leaving tomorrow with the balance over the next few days. We are hopeful that we can get all orders shipped for Thursday.

Tonights release will start dispatching on Friday (22nd). We can't speed this up as we have to deal with all current orders from The Wednesday release.

There will be no Wednesday (20th) release (due to the delayed arrival of our resin) although we will do a Sunday (24th) release . We are trying to move away from this model of releasing and get back to normal stock levels as quickly as possible. I would like to thank all of you for sticking with us during this unusual time .

If I have missed any messages please accept my apologies we have had a lot of incoming mail and just trying to mange this is a full time job.

Stock will be added at 9pm Sharp :-)

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