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Next stock release Tonight19th April @ 9pm

Good evening Ladies and Gents , we have another batch of filament due to be released tonight. Any

left over orders from last week have been packed up today and ready for shipping tomorrow. We have a clean sheet in front of us and it feels Goooooood !!!! ;-).

So we will stock the site at 9pm, smaller batch than last week so that we can do another batch on Wednesday evening.

We should keep this style of release up for the foreseeable.

As per the last batch please keep single orders to a max of 10 rolls, you're free to place a 2nd order if you so wish. Any order of 20 or more will get split so we can service more customers :-). We understand this is not ideal but we are trying to help as many as possible I hope this is understandable :-). If you have a special requests for a group please PM me and we will see what we can do for you.

Please note this is a pre-order, orders should all be shipped by Wednesdays but it's still not all on bobbins just yet so it's not our normal service just yet :-).

Again we will have a 2nd batch on Wednesday, so if you don't get any tonight you will have another chance on Wednesday and then Sunday :-).

I would like the thank you all for your amazing work that so many of you are doing keep up the fantastic community driven work it's really making a difference out on the front line.

Also a big thank you from me ! The motivation that you are giving us is incredible ! Every message you send in gets read out in the factory and it does make a massive difference to us all, so thank you once again :-).

Most importantly stay safe guys and keep up the amazing work !!!

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