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New Shiny Things

Good evening Ladies & Gents

Couple updates

Firstly our donation boxes to schools and groups have been going down a treat! So far we have sent out 40kg of free Filament to several Schools (Highschool & Primary) and a 3D printing nurse helping keep spirit high amongst her colleagues! We still have one box available for this month so if you know a group, good cause or school get them to drop us a message .

Finally, our new water chiller arrived at the start of February and now finally we can fully turn on all our new drying and conveying system. We have been running this system partially since November so to have the whole system now talking to itself is amazing and a massive step forward for us.

Thankfully with this new water chiller, it allows us to continue development on the 2nd production line. The first Filament should start pumping out the extruder at the back end of next week if everything goes to plan.

Stock shortage!

Currently, this is a difficult one as we are trying to find a balance and a system that works for both our retail customers but also business customers. Currently, we are allowing business orders to guide our colour availability for retail stock. We must continue to supply business customers as for most this is their full-time occupation and thus cutting supply is not an option. We understand that this affects retail sales but honestly, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. We want to supply all of you and hate being out of stock of any colour, the only positive news is we have around 90% availability in the background, it's all made just waiting for it's slot on the spooling machine which is the current bottleneck. It looks like the only option is to move back to a Wednesday and Sunday release at 7pm although we will need to think this through.

Most importantly Thank you for your support! Everything we do would not be possible without the support you all give us, every single roll of filament allows us the ability to move forward and continue to improve our manufacturing techniques.

From all of us here @ 3DQF Thank You!

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