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New Filament time!

Time For Something New , and as always give away some Free UK Made 3D Printing Filament !!!

Good Evening Fellow Printers, a couple exciting offers for you this weekend. Firstly we have been busy getting a few new filaments made. Our new Wood filled PLA ( Woodchucker ) was super exciting to make as it made the whole factory smell wood LOL, then on to a very British Colour... British Racing Green! Really is a nice darker green that really is different from our Kiwi and Utility, and then finally we offer our Naked / Clear PLA which has been well overdue and asked for nearly a million times :-).

So as per, we can't have a release without giving a pack away so Three new colours = 3 winners. Please Like & Share the post and on Wednesday of next week, we will pick at random 3 winners for a roll of your choice from our entire range of filament absolutely free !!!! We will even ship it free of charge too :-).

In the meantime, let's get these three rolls on a super special offer how does all three for £39.99 posted sound! While we are at it we just dropped the price of our Colour Fade Packs (3KG) to £29.99 Shipped !!!

3 Pack Deal

Colour Fade Packs

Woodchucker Wood Filled PLA

British Racing Green

Naked PLA

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Dec 15, 2021

Did a winner get chosen?


Nov 29, 2021

Love the new green, 😎


Neil Gardiner
Nov 26, 2021

Loving the products guys. Liked and shared...


Nov 26, 2021

Like the sound of this... Liked and shared!!

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