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Most Important update :-)

Good afternoon fellow printers!

So the sweet-toothed among you may have noticed a lack of sweets recently!!! I can confirm that we have not turned into Ebenezer Scrooge, and normal funny-coloured plastic spaghetti and sweets are returning as of today. Unfortunately, #CostcoFail decided that our supply of Tangfastic treats was coming to an end! But fear not, #AppletonSweet came to our rescue this afternoon! Thankfully normal service can now resume!!!

Update on our new spool

As most will already know, we are modifying our spools to allow them to fit within the Bambu Labs AMS printer. Our issue is that our spool is a little wide @ 76 mm, it's also a little large in OD @ 198mm. The problem with trying to reduce any of these dimensions is that we lose space on the spool for the filament, so we had to go back to the drawing board and come up with a solution. After a conversation with our card manufacturer, we decided upon a tight-packed corrugated board that was stiffer and thinner than the current card material. This would end up saving us 8mm in layup space over the current style of card sheet. These new spools should start to push out of the factory late February.

Will they affect other users?

If anything, these spools should now become more industry-standard dimensions, we have always been a little wide. Shrinking this from 76mm to 69mm will just allow for better fitment on your spool holder. We are also reducing our OD from 198 down to 194 to allow the fitting of some roller unloader rings and remaining under 200mm OD.

The impact the new Bambu printer is making on the industry is massive. We definitely feel its presence and will be one of the first filament manufacturers to change our spool to allow for better fitment.

3D850 PLA-Plus

We are due another installment of our PLA-Plus material next week! This means that by the backend of the week, we should have several key lines sorted and marked as back on the shelf. PLA-Plus has been well received and we look forward to some new and interesting colours on this platform.

Well, I think I have gone on for long enough for an update about sweets LOL! Again, thank you for your support Ladies and Jellybeans. I know I say it all the time, but it honestly would not be possible without the amazing support of the 3D printing community, from recommendations and feedback to just a kind word you have all made this process so worthwhile. From our small team a big thank you for your support and for supporting UK Manufacturing :-)

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