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Let there be light !

Good afternoon Ladies and Gents !

So a quick update :-) , the new extruder line is built and ready for its first test this coming week !

Today was an exciting day from playing around with small and large cables a like! We managed to get the Go-go juice to the new girl this afternoon. Importantly no magic smoke came out ! Always good, as it is a bit of a pain trying to refit it lol !

Big thank you to our sparky for pulling out the stops on a Saturday and getting us cracking ! Cheers Jimbo :-).

Next stop is filling her up with water, running pumps, motors and heating up and testing the extruder. Mainly system checks and understanding some of the new features.

Hopefully we should be ready for a PLA production trial around Wednesday of this coming week. We will keep you all posted :-) !

Thank you for following along on this exciting new chapter of 3DQF :-).

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