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Good By Old Girl !!!

Good evening fellow printers, I trust you are all well!

What a terrific hot sunny summer we "aren't" having!

On the brightside, that leaves us extra time to do more printing or bring forward those new shiny upgrades! Always a silver lining I guess most of you know, we have a new production line on its way (actually due tomorrow). To make space we had to move on our Old production line! That's right the OG extruder! This old girl has had many hours of work put into her! From a full rewire from our amazing sparks to a considerable amount of wrenching by me and my father. To lovingly bring her back from the brinks!

We breathed a new breath of fresh air into her lungs and she allowed 3DQF to become more than just a dream! The old girl was definitely a diva and she wasn't always happy making filament but she was the secret sauce in allowing us to start 3DQF.

It's safe to say it was a nerve racking experience lifting almost 3 ton of equipment 15 foot up into the air, but it was also emotional at the same time. Seeing her move on to pastures new and back into an industry she will be much more accustomed too.

So tomorrow we will see the arrival of our new production line. Slotting nicely alongside our current line that arrived in 2021 . Initially we plan commissioning on PLA , Reworked & ABS . As soon as we break into late September we should be ready for PETG production:-). It's been a long road for PETG but we at least have a hope of getting this resolved now .

Once again thank you for all of your support , we are all excited to see how the factory will look with the new production line fitted and we are sure to share this along with all of you .

Thank you and we will keep you posted on its progress tomorrow .

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