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Big Update Time !!!

Happy Friday to my Fellow Printers, Hope you are all well and trust you are all still busy printing! A distinct lack of updates lately, but this is a big one! There will be more to follow over the weekend, more of an overview of the last 18 months I guess with the trials and tribulations as we progressed though an “interesting” period to say the least. I wanted to put this out there for you all before those posts.

So, over the years we have listened, always working to a goal. That goal is to bring you the best product at the most reasonable price possible, while being made under our factory roof in Leigh Greater Manchester by our very own hands. During this time we have created a “Filament Bucket list” let say. Everything that we have been asked over the years compiled into the perfect product! I would often look at this list dreaming, thinking it will never come true lol ( I am an odd person when it comes to machinery lol) . Well, I am super excited and can finally rest knowing that we can start a whole new chapter of 3DQF in September!

Back in May we started planning our ”Bucket list Production line”, putting in everything that we have learnt from filament production over the years. I am happy to say that in around 4 weeks time that production line should be in our Factory ! So just like Genie said “ Your Wish Is My Command” we will be giving you that filament bucket list ! But unlike the Genie we are giving more than three wishes! To say our whole team is like a child waiting for Christmas is an understatement, as each day goes by we edge ever closer to the arrival date ! We are all counting the days that’s for sure.

Honestly to each and everyone of you Thank you for your support, you all have all made this possible from the words of encouragement to the orders you place have all turned this dream into reality .

More to follow with a recap of the last 18 month on Saturday and Sunday an un veiling of the new production line features and a basic plan going forward . But for now thank you for your support both past an present.

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٢ تعليقان

١٣ مايو ٢٠٢٢

Do you sell (or provide gcode files for) the circular plastic bits? They allow the cardboard reels to sit on a "cradle-type" dispenser?

Robert Eckersley
Robert Eckersley
١٣ مايو ٢٠٢٢
الرد على

Thank you for your message :-). I am happy to say we don't sell them but you are more than welcome to download them from the following links at the bottom of the page :-)

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