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2.85MM & Bambu X1 Spool Update

Good afternoon fellow Printers !!! Hope you are all well and getting into the festive spirit!

So a couple of Updates as we have definitely been lacking on them recently!

Firstly 2.85mm is now available in a small range !!! We have been working on 2.85mm for some time but needed some small wire EDM cut components making to aid in its production (On a different subject Wire EDM is very cool). Super strange seeing this plastic rod come out of the extruder! We are conditioned to see 1.75mm and although 2.85mm on paper doesn’t look that much bigger, it really is a big difference when you see it for the first time.

We have also added a "New filter tool" on the website to allow you to track down the colours, filament Diameter and Spool size and special effect filaments. The 2.85mm range will grow in colour choice too.

Bambu X1 & AMS

More than likely you have heard about this new amazing printer! We also have one arriving this week which I am a little excited about. As most will know there's some issue with the majority of 3rd party filament spools (this includes ours) . They have seemingly only allowed a very small working range of spool dimensions in the AMS. This has resulted in a scramble for users to find a solution for the issue and have their current stock fit and work with as minimal effort as possible.

Well, we have been busy trying to support this effort, we have produced a stop-gap solution which allows you to modify our current spool and allows for some printed adaptor rings to be fitted. We have a number of kits built, just waiting on the arrival of our printer to test the design prior to releasing the files.

We are going one step further, we are going to modify our spool so that it will work out of

the box (with adapter rings). This will mean no cutting in the future! Just open the roll, pop on the rings and in it goes. To do this we are using a slightly different card, the same paper weight but with a tighter packed corrugation (4mm from 6mm). This will get the spool under 70mm in width (important for the X1) but will also allow us to reduce the outer diameter to keep us under 200mm with the rings fitted. We have been wanting to make our spool a little narrower for some time so this is the perfect kick up the arse we needed.

We will do a couple of posts on this in the next week or so, but it's important that you know we are making every effort to solve this problem both for current stock and a long-term solution. Timeline wise this should start taking effect by February 2023.

That’s all for this update but more to follow.

As always thank you for the support of UK Manufacturing! Your support allows us in turn to buy from local manufacture’s. The knock-on of this is massive, we buy all our card products from locally made card sheet, that’s cut at our box makers in Manchester. Our spool cores are made in Leeds, the bulk of our colouring in the same town and the plastic bag in the next town over. The importance of supporting a UK-made product should not be underestimated and it is greatly appreciated. Once again thank you for all the support and words of encouragement along the way, you all make this so enjoyable .

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