Part of our new Pastel range and just in time for the start of summer, we have been so excited to bring pastels to the 3DQF colour range. Brilliant smooth colours that are amazing for prints that need to blend in with everyday life. Fitting in the home without looking odd, you can now print objects that really look like parts of your soft furnishing. 

Hope you like them as much as we do :-). 


Only While Stock last so jump on it quick !!!  


Available in PLA in 1.75 mm



  • Material PLA filament
  • Diameter 1.75mm + or - 0.03mm
  • Filament Weight 1 Kg Gross
  • Print Temperature 210 - 220°C
  • Bed temperature 40-50°C or unheated
  • Elmers Purple Glue stick to aid in adhesion

Spool Spec

  • 76mm W
  • 198 mm D
  • 70 mm Axle 
  • Card Construction
  • Airtight Bag with desiccant

Pastel Pink PLA 1.75mm Uk Made 3D Printer Filament

SKU: PLA-037
Color: Pastel Pink
  • Brought to you from our Factory in Greater Manchester (United Kingdom) we are looking to expand our range with new exciting materials and colours. We have tested a wide range of filaments over the years and we are now very happy with the product we now have. We are holding a tolerance of +-0.03 of a mm (Over 52 kilometer run, a human hair is .04) and we use only the highest quality material on the market. With these tolerances and high quality materials it will help take the guess work out of 3D printing.


We are always interested in new projects, so if you are passionate about your new idea contact us. We are only too happy to lend a hand with Special Sponsorship programs with varying amount of support based off the level of interaction to the 3D Printing community. Be that in Education or individuals with a passion.