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Mr Cleaner BottleMr Cleaner Bottle


Must have item for anyone that uses and airbrush, High Quality Glass base and plastic top to insert the airbrush into. Filters to clean the discharged aire and a rubber bung on the plastic cap to ensure a seal. I really nice put together item that will defintely speed up colour chages. 


Comes with spare replacement filters.


It's not oftern we are taking back by the quality of an item but we have to say this is definfely a well though out tool. 

Mr Cleaner BottleMr Cleaner Bottle

SKU: PS-257
Out of Stock
  • Brought to you from our Factory in Greater Manchester (United Kingdom) we are looking to expand our range with new exciting materials ,colours and interesting products. We have tested a wide range of products over the years and we are now very happy to supply some of the highest quality items available. If you have any questions about any product please feel free to give us a call and see if we can help


We are always interested in new projects, so if you are passionate about your new idea contact us. We are only too happy to lend a hand with Special Sponsorship programs with varying amount of support based off the level of interaction to the 3D Printing community. Be that in Education or individuals with a passion.

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