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Have a Bambu X1 and would like to use your 3DQF card spools in the AMS system ? Well we have designed a tool to do just that. Head over to thingverse to grab the files and pick up this hardware pack to start making your 3DQF spool compatible with this new system. 


AMS Cutting Tool 

So this is a solution for the current spool, however we're currently designing a new spool that will drop straight in the AMS . This will only require some 3D printed hoops to support the spool edge. We expect the new spool to start being used at some point in Febuary 2023  

Included in the Hardware kit 

M5X16 Cap head bolts X 2

M5 Washer X 1

M5 Nylon locking nut X 1

Stanley knife blade X 3



3DQF AMS hardware pack



    We are always interested in new projects, so if you are passionate about your new idea contact us. We are only too happy to lend a hand with Special Sponsorship programs with varying amount of support based off the level of interaction to the 3D Printing community. Be that in Education or individuals with a passion.

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