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Flexibility Without The Cost

Yes that’s correct we simply would not be here!

Without 3D printers running trials initially to look at the sustainability would have been very difficult. This is true not just of our business but most business that requires design based ideas. Yes there are other valuable tools and yes there are other platforms that can produce physical items, but there are not many pieces of equipment that can cost less than £200 and save you thousands of pounds in prototyping costs. Before we made 3D printer filament we had been in the plastic industry for 45+ years, working with reclaimed plastic and virgin material from the likes of ICI. But even with this knowledge starting something new like filament production required a lot of investment, time and a huge amount of trial an error. Unfortunately trial an error and time cost massive sums of money especially when you are purchasing equipment. 3D printing allowed for workable prototypes that we could test before having the item made or purchasing something similar. This vastly reduces start-up cost, but just as importantly turnaround time.

 3D printing is now a mainstay in product development, low cost printers are driving the demand for better, faster and more expensive 3D printers. They are a design tool that is almost as important as CAD itself. To finish a design at the end of the day and press print then come to work the following day to a physical model is amazing. What is more amazing is how little it costs and how much control you had over the whole process.   

Team 3DQF

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