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Summer Time Colours

Good Evening Fellow printers! Hope your are all well and looking forward to the weekend (looks like the weather is looking good for once). So to kick off summer, we thought it was time for some new summer colours ! We have been wanting to bring a pastel range for some time, so without further delay, I would like to introduce our new pastel colours! We have a new Pastel Green, Blue and a lovely Pink to add to the ever-growing 3DQF range, which now getting close to 40 colours!

In addition to this we will also be giving away free Pastel rolls (colour of your choice to 2 lucky page likers and sharers), all you have to do is like and share this post! As an added bonus we have now given away close on a quarter of a ton of Re-work filament and we would love to see pictures of your prints! So please upload a picture (just one entry person) to this post that has been made with our Re-worked filament, we will pick one of the prints to receive a free roll of our Pastel too !!! A free roll for a free roll cant get better than that. Once again ladies and gent's thank you for your support, you're incredible. We have some more exciting things on the horizon that’s going to make shopping with us even more fun !!! Most importantly stay safe and keep on printing !!!

Combo Pack £39.99

Pastel Green

Pastel Blue

Pastel Pink

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