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Stock Release !

Good afternoon 3D printing world ! Time for an update in terms of stock and our PLA resin arrival.

Finally our PLA Resin has a wagon slot for delivery on Monday of next week (gutted we couldn't get it on Friday). So we will be doing a release tonight if you want to get in early ! Orders will be processed next week (Tuesday onwards) and dispatched as normal.

This is a longer delay than normal so please understand that it going to take us time to get on top of it and get orders out.

Sorry if I have missed any messages or request the amount of incoming mail is overwhelming and trying to keep any sort of grasp onit while organising the day to day is very difficult.

As per usual please keep to a max of 10 rolls and stock will be added at 9pm :-)

Free of charge shipping on all orders !

Single rolls will ship via Royal Mail 2nd class (anything from next day to 10 days)

2+ rolls via DHL 24 (48 hours currently in some areas).

Highlands & Islands Hermes (3-6 days)

And The Link :-)

Stock will be added tonight at 9pm.

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