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It's Arrived !!!

Good evening ladies & Gents ! It's time for us to stop playing in the sand box and time to start making filament again ! Thankfully our PLA Resin delivery turned up today, we are now ready to power up tomorrow an start cooking plastic spaghetti !

So what's the plan for colours ?

We are going to start up with Regal Black, Pearl Black and Jet black tomorrow.

Thursday will be our Purples , so Electric Purple , Pearl Purple & Regal Purple.

Friday will be signal Red , Regal Red , Pearl Plum

Saturday we will be on to Blues , so Navy, Kingfisher & Pearl Blue .

Sunday production will be sticking with the Blue's Regal Blue ,Sky blue , Special new colour !

Once made we need between 1-3 days to start putting them on retail spools and getting them on the shelf. We hope to have some filament on the shelf for close of play Friday and continue to populate over the weekend an into next week.

Again thank you for all of your amazing support during this incredibly difficult time, you have all been absolutely amazing !

We know we are missing the mark with stock at the moment ! We are really up against it trying to just secure PLA resin ( European shortage). Add into the mix general COVID-19 related issue / delays and you have an incredible balancing act to play.

Again massive thank you from our team for being so good with us during this period :-)

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