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Did we just make some funny sized Filament!

Good morning fellow printers! Hope you are all well and busy printing!

We had an interesting week due to an AC Servo drive failing on the spooler! This effectively brought production to a grinding stop last Thursday! With a few late nights stretching into early mornings, we managed to get its replacement this Wednesday and up and running the same day! In total, we only lost around three days of production. Thankfully timing made a big difference as it could have easily been a week's downtime, so we were lucky in that respect.

With disaster averted and a confirmation production run that Wednesday, we could move on to a cool custom order of 2.3mm filament that was due to be run the day after the failure (incredible timing). Yes, that's right 2.3mm filament, odd size but something that we have been working with the customer for a number of months.

For another UK manufacturer making a UK product but now with UK made Filament. We feel so proud to both make these connections and work with other UK manufacturers in delivering a more UK based product.

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