Waste Plastic @ 3DQF we do everything in our power to reduce our waste as much as possible. This is not only in the manufacturing stage but also in the packing stage. We choose to use an environmentally reclaimable Card and steel Spool. During my years of 3D printing you tend to build a large array of spools that you no longer have a need for, yet can’t bring yourself to throw away. Ultimately even if you place them in the recycling bin there is still a high possibility that because they are not H.D.P.E or P.E.T (Plastic Bottles) the waste sorting companies will either mark them as burnable or landfill. The act of producing filament already has a damaging effect on our environment so by our choice of a 100 % recyclable Card & Steel spool we are taking steps to reduce our footprint. Also in terms of carbon miles our spools are also made in the United Kingdom again helping to reduce transportation miles.
There are a few trade off’s with a card spools but as a whole we feel that the environmental saving is worth it and it also removes an extra 7% off the RRP.

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